Calm, Confident & In Control

"It was so comforting to have Kats' loving and accepting nature guiding me through before and after childbirth. I am in awe of the service that Kat offers and provides and recommend her highly."

Dear ones

I am so glad that you have found me here. 

A doula literally means "to serve", and this is what I want to do for any family looking for support or education on all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum and early parenting. 
The GentleBirth workshops that I hold combine calming mindfulness techniques with traditional hypnobirthing methods, which is a truly powerful combination! Everything that I teach is evidence-based which means that you can then make informed decisions about the birth that is right for YOU.  
My doula services mean that I can be with you during your pregnancy and labour and birth, and also during your sacred nesting postpartum time to come and cook you food, help around the house and generally tell you how amazing you are! 

GentleBirth Mindfulness and Hypnobirthing Course

A powerful course combining hypnosis AND mindfulness to train your brain ready for birth. This course is one-of-a-kind and I am the only GentleBirth Instructor here in Jersey. See below for upcoming dates, or contact me to book a private course!

Postpartum Doula


As your postpartum doula I will come to your home during those first precious weeks to cook you food, support breastfeeding and generally tell you how amazing you are!

Gift vouchers are available for this package.

Breastfeeding Education & Support

I have created a three-hour workshop focused purely on breastfeeding. This session dives into many aspects ranging from the physiology of breastfeeding, latch, nutrition for Mum, how partners can help, and many other aspects. As part of this workshop, I offer virtual support until six weeks postpartum.  

Family Time

"Babymoon" Postpartum Doula Package


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