Gentle Fourth Trimester Workshop

This course takes us on a journey past your birth to focus purely on the postpartum period and first few months once your baby is with you. It is a magical insight into the physiology of your baby adapting to life outside the womb, and also the healing journey from mum.

In our modern world, the postpartum time (6 weeks directly from birth), is very much overlooked. In many cultures around the world, the new mother is on total bedrest, her food and teas prepared and brought to her and the baby does not leave her side as they connect, bond, rest and learn to breastfeed together. It is definitely worth noting that in these same cultures, postpartum depression and anxiety are extremely low, if not completely non-existent.


If we shift our focus to our culture here in the UK, we view this time very differently.

The mother may be feeling overwhelmed with visitors wanting to hold the baby merely hours after she has given birth. Breastfeeding is not always supported as much as the mother needs, leading to her giving up earlier than she wanted, and then dealing with the guilt of everything that this comes along with. Sleep deprivation is a real thing in these first few months too, which never leads to rational thinking...and the combination of all of this, it's really no wonder new parents feel so overwhelmed!

But I'm here to tell you that it really doesn't have to be like this.

If we educate ourselves to understand these first few months from a physiological AND cultural perspective, you can really shift your focus and see why creating a good postpartum plan before you're knee-deep into it, is actually a great idea. We spend so much time focusing on the pregnancy and the birth that it's easy for this to be overlooked, which is exactly why I've created this workshop!

The "Fourth Trimester" is an extension of this six week period; it is the first three months after the baby is born. It is a perfect term to really get our heads around the concept that really, if our heads were smaller or our pelvises were bigger, our baby would still be inside us for another 3 months!


We are our babies safe place. They want us close, then want to sleep on us, feed from us not only for hunger but for comfort too - as there is no difference between the two when they are tiny. Understanding this term and exploring it in this workshop it will shift your perception of the needs of your baby, and give you more tools for patience and ways to cope and enjoy this time better.

In this course we will cover the following;

  • What is the Fourth Trimester 

  • The Golden Hour

  • The first 6 weeks

  • Your body as it heals

  • Breastfeeding in all it's glory (physiology, latch, feeding on demand and cluster feeding)

  • Partners and their important role

  • Bringing mindfulness to the postpartum time

  • Creating your bubble & strategies to feel supported, but not overstretched

This workshop runs in the following ways;

  • Group 4 hour weekend morning session £150 (grab some pregnant friends to book this! Minimum of three couples are needed to hold this workshop)

  • Private 4 hour weekend morning/afternoon session at your home £200

Contact me to chat about this workshop or make a booking!

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Jane Weideman