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GentleBirth Mindfulness & Hypnobirthing Course

A completely one-of-a-kind antenatal course focused on mental preparation for labour and birth, as well as evidence-based childbirth education to help you feel calm, confident and in control of the birth experience that's right for you!

Let's ditch the filtered Instagram pictures of pregnant women floating around in white for a moment and get real here; being pregnant in this day and age can be stressful, and especially with COVID, Mums can be left feeling anxious and not prepared for the journey ahead.

This amazing course delves deep into the science of how our brains work, and why it's so hard for us to stop worrying about the birth that we don't want, and get us focused for the birth that we do want!


By using a daily mindfulness practice we can change the way that we think and help us bring our focus to this present moment. Right here. By doing this, it turns off our over-active worries and helps us simply watch them like clouds in the sky without attaching so much emotion behind them.


How will this help you in labour?
Well, the calmer you are, the more your gorgeous mix of hormones can run the show so that labour can progress at it's natural pace. And it also gives you the tools to handle the birth in all it's glory without shifting into stress and anxiety mode (which, interestingly enough literally stops the hormones that you need to keep labour progressing!).


Combining this practice with hypnosis (hypnobirthing), helps your mind deeply prepare for labour and birth and remain positive and excited about the journey ahead.

This is a brilliant course and can be taken in a number of formats (see below).

The format for practicing the mindfulness and hypnosis tracks is by downloading a great app that you can use on your phone wherever you are. It can be used on both iOs and Android.

Download a free 7 day trial of the app ahead of the course and begin your practice today.

In this course we will cover;

  • Brain training for birth

  • Sport psychology & how it applies to your labour & birth experience

  • Stress-response training - turning stress into a challenge

  • What is mindfulness, and how does it really help?

  • Hypnosis & how it works (intro to hypnobirthing)

  • Stages of labour

  • Signs of labour & prep for partners!

  • Natural pain relief during labour - what are your options?

  • Preparing for your positive birth

Workshop & Course Options:

  • Group Weekend Course  (Saturday & Sunday 9.30am - 2.30pm) = £200

  • Private Weekend/2-Day Course (a.m. OR p.m. = 10 hours) in your home = £250

2021 Group GentleBirth Course Dates
You need to be available for both days that a course is running, and we stop for snack and toilet breaks whenever is needed!


Saturday 13th & 20th March : 09.30am - 14.00pm (Online)
Sunday 18th & 25th April : 09.30am - 14.00pm (Online)

Saturday 15th & 22nd May : 09.30am - 14.00pm (Location TBC)

Contact me to book a place of ask questions

All versions of the course include;

  • 10 hour course including all of the above GentleBirth course content

  • 1 hour follow-up with me on Zoom & virtual support when needed

  • Access to additional material online with

  • 10% Discount for my 1/2 day Gentle Fourth Trimester course


How to book this workshop

Connect with me if you'd like to ask more questions, or to book this course. I have yet to meet a couple who have regretted learning how to be more mindful and empowered ready for their birthing journey!



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