Postpartum Doula Package

As your postpartum doula I am here to hold space for you as you find your feet as a new mother. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, there is always a way that I can support you through this transitional time...

My role as a postpartum doula varies from family-to-family, and can involve anything from bringing you groceries and cooking you warming, nourishing foods in your home as you rest in bed, to helping answer questions about breastfeeding or doing laundry and light housework. I offer assistance as you heal and seek natural ways to rebuild your strength following giving birth too.

This bubble of time after you give birth is what I call ‘the babymoon’ and it is a time to seek refuge, be

gentle, and connect with your new baby. Our culture does not treat this period of time with the grace and honouring that new mother deserve, and my main motivation for becoming a doula was to train in postpartum work after being horrified at realising how delicate new mothers are after my own birth. Thankfully I had a doula who taught us so much during my first pregnancy that we fully prepared for this beautiful window of time, but too often new families are rushed through these six weeks to 'get back to normal', and it can seriously affect everyone; Mum, Dad and baby.

The "BabyMoon Package" includes the following;

  • 1 hour FREE consultation (in your home or online)

  • Two at-home antenatal sessions for you and your partner (2 hours each)  including;

    • Session One: Overview of pregnancy & birth preferences. What is the postpartum & fourth trimester? ​The importance of rest. The Golden Hour. Your body during the postpartum. Mindfulness & how it can help. Breastfeeding 101. BabyMoon introduction.

    • Session Two: How are you? Your dietary needs, allergies & overall health. Postpartum nutrition & why I babble about it so much. Postpartum shopping list. Postpartum house chores. Meals. House practicals & keys.

  • Lending Library access (brought along to antenatals in your home).

  • On-call from 37-42 weeks.

  • 10 hours worth of home visits.

  • Cooking on-site (if desired), including a combination of smoothies, teas, breakfasts, snacks, lunch & slow cooker meals.

  • Grocery shopping service (if list given day before arranged visit).

  • doTERRA oil blend guidance for postpartum.

  • 10% off any of my other packages.

Price: £600


Additional 10 hour Daytime Visits voucher @ £400 (£50 discount)
Additional 20 hour Daytime Visits voucher @ £800 (£100 discount)

First-meal package after birth : £60

Includes a slow rice puddling flavoured with warming spices & a herbal tea blend with flask
(This can only be ordered if I am notified once labour has established).

Gift Vouchers

I offer this postpartum doula package as a gift voucher, so if you are wanting to buy a pregnant mama something that she will treasure forever, contact me to have a chat!

How to book this package

Connect with me to arrange a no-obligation 1 hour chat (either in-person or online), which gives us a chance to get to know each other and see how you feel. I absolutely love supporting women during this postpartum time to really enable you to have the rest, gentleness and support that you truly deserve.

Calm Sea

"Being a mother is discovering
strengths you didn't know you had,

and dealing with fears you never knew existed."

Sherene Simon