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PostPartum Preparation & Nesting Session

When we're pregnant, there is so much focus on the pregnancy and birth that the postpartum time is sometimes almost an after-thought. But it is a sacred and healing time for mother and baby and it's good to spend time focusing on this too...

It's near impossible to 'imagine' what it will be like when your baby is finally with you. Even if it's not your first baby, we can be so wrapped up in day-to-day life, pregnancy, work, and everything in between, that not much thought is put into this very important window of time.

This session is all about YOUR bubble of time during the postpartum.

Officially it's the 6 weeks directly after the baby is born, although I always advise reading up on the Fourth Trimester and we do delve into this a bit in this session too.

The postpartum should be about a few simple yet important things; rest, nourishing food, breastfeeding, gentleness, connecting as a new family, and more rest.

Too many new mothers are thrown back into the world so soon after they give birth, and the effects of this can be seen many months and years afterwards. There is no rush. Nobody 'needs' to cuddle the baby except you and your partner. Everyone and everything else can wait.

I always encourage this session for you and your partner so that we can explore the following topics together and basically brainstorm YOUR perfect babymoon together.

In this session we can cover the following;

  • Batch-cooking recipes & the importance of food during postpartum.

  • Hydration & healing.

  • Your breastfeeding or feeding space.

  • Helping to sort baby clothes or organising the space for your baby.

  • Introducing you to the concept of a 'babymoon'.

  • Communication during sleep deprivation.

  • The importance of REST.

If you feel that you would like to explore extra support during your postpartum time, I do offer a postpartum doula package where I come to your home in those early weeks and cook you food, do light housework and support you with breastfeeding and healing. Feel free to visit the page outlining this service.

3 hours = £110

How to book this workshop

Connect with me if you'd like to ask more questions, or to book this session in the comfort of your own home. I have yet to meet a mother who was over-prepared for her postpartum time, but I've met a lot that did too much and wished they could've taken things slower.

Please note that I offer this session as a gift certificate too.

Calm Sea

"The moment a child is born,

The mother is also born...

A mother is something absolutely new."